Elizabeth II - is one of the monarchs, the longest in the history of the English Crown staying on the throne.It is only ahead of Queen Victoria.A sixty-year anniversary of the coronation of the Queen's beloved by many noted in the UK lush festivities.
The festivities began on 1 June.Portsmouth is one of the ships of the national armed forces of Britain with the beautiful name "Diamond" made 21 weapon salvo in honor of the royal jubilee.The next day, June 2, held at Epsom Derby, which was attended by the Queen.
June 3, came the most solemn part of the festival.It was held in London.By the River Thames was a big group of vessels, as the renovated historic and modern.In the organization of this event, thousands of people were involved.Such a vehicular procession of "the
great river" last seen 350 years ago.The Queen and members of her family and sailed down the Thames on its barge "Spirit of Chartwell".
in a park in the British capital were organized festive celebrations.They included a carnival show to the public a variety of entertainment and refreshments - a big cake.Some Britons spent a holiday in the narrow family circle.In this country, so decided to celebrate major events in the life of the royal family, for example, the birth of an heir or, as in this case, anniversaries reign.
June 4 Monday was declared a holiday on the anniversary of Queen.This day was a big concert in the capital, which were the most popular British performers of different decades - Elton John, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and others.On the night before the concert, around the British coast lit hundreds of beacons.
Next, the final day of the celebrations, the Queen took part in a solemn church service.Particular attention to the anniversary of the Church of England is due to the fact that English monarchs considered the head of the Protestant denominations since its inception.The most notable person in the state and the Queen's personal friends were invited to a grand dinner after a religious ceremony.After that lunch, the queen went to the balcony of Buckingham Palace to accept the flypast and, of course, welcome the public spirited.