place political organizations in public life

In democracies a significant impact on the implementation of domestic and foreign policy have a political organization.Their activities are aimed at the fullest satisfaction of the interests of various social groups, which differ in their composition and political views.Political organizations and movements are usually constructed of professional, ethnic or class lines.

political organization essentially is a mass association of people on a voluntary basis, which has its own objectives, as set out in the founding and program documents.Such organizations are built to address not only economic, but also political problems.Chief among them - in the struggle for representation in government.A
s an example, any political party.

As a full-fledged subject of the political process, such public associations of citizens are different from other types of organizations that seek access to power.Political work includes campaigning in the general population, promoting the ideas of the movement and expansion of spheres of influence.Political orientation of the express and protect the interests of a particular social group.

political party

political parties from other types of similar organizations are usually distinguished by a rigid hierarchy between different levels, which is necessary to improve the controllability of the whole system and teamwork.Mandatory component of the party is the leading core, the device management control bodies, active members of the organization and a significant number of sympathetic elements.Only a high degree of organization allows a political party to operate successfully in the struggle for power.

Party and other political organizations carry out their activities based on the success in the political struggle.To do this, they try to enlist the support not only of a certain social layer, but also a more general population.In its activities, parties often have to make temporary alliances with other movements and organizations with similar goals.

As a rule, the political party has an official membership and relatively strict rules and norms enshrined in the charter of the organization.Join the ranks of a political union, a new party assumes certain obligations and is entitled to participate in the party, in a joint decision-making and in the activities carried out by the party.Many citizens actively participate in the political life of the country begins with the entry into the party, the goals and objectives that meet their inner convictions.