antismoking law

anti-smoking law will come into full effect in June 2014, in the summer of 2013 began to operate only certain restrictions that do not allow smoking in public places: schools, hospitals, government offices and public transport.Such limitations have their positive and negative sides.

Pros law

After the enactment of the law can breathe a sigh of relief with non-smokers, because they will no longer act as passive smokers and poison your body against their will.It will be possible to visit the restaurants, clubs, bars, without fear that it smells bad, and all my clothes smelling of tobacco.Plenty appeared for parents with children, you can not worry about the health of the child, he would not have to breathe the smoke in a public place in the park, the stadium, entertainment center.

This practice is well tak
en root in other countries, by whose example should Russia.So in Bremen and Ukraine anti-smoking law has taken root, reducing the number of accidents on the road, to reduce the percentage of diseases arising because of smoking, heart attacks happen less often in heavy smokers.The law aims for the good of all the people, for the good of the environment.Now you can breathe deeply nezadymlenny clean air (unless, of course, it is not about industrial cities). Experts should increase productivity, since there will be regular smoke breaks.

negative aspects of the bill

now worth considering cons of anti-smoking law.Russian man is hard to get to do something on the orders.As we know, it is very difficult to quit smoking.You just need a great willpower to overcome this addiction.Smokers with many years reacted to the law saying, "smoking and smoking will be.The law - not a hindrance. "Therefore, serious doubt is the implementation of this bill. should not rely on the fact that the law will work here and now.

take a powerful anti-tobacco advertising, which requires large investments.It will take time for people to realize what harm they cause to themselves, others and nature.The owners of clubs and restaurants already counting their losses after the entry into force of this Act.Smokers are now less than going to public places, because it is not possible to just sit in the company and do not smoke.In many institutions can not be at all places for smokers, so this law is to guide - a headache.