Coalition - an association on a voluntary basis by several persons or groups of persons that may be presented by political parties, states, in order to achieve this goal.

Coalition differs from other types of associations of groups that each of its members can be engaged in their own affairs which do not concern the objectives of the coalition.Each member is an independent coalition.After reaching the goal union coalition may cease to exist.

One example of union coalition at the state level can be a military union, ieunification of military forces of several countries against one enemy.One of the world's most famous anti-Hitler coalition is a coalition of organizations, which was formed during the hostilities of 1941-1945.

In countries where there are a large number of games, there is a coalition of parties.It ca
n be a parliamentary and electoral.The first type is created when no party has a majority of parliamentary seats.The second type is found in countries where there is a percentage barrier during the vote from several parties selected a leader who represents them in the elections.


opposition in the political environment is an association of parties and organizations that oppose the government's policy of a certain state.

opposition can play a role in various state systems of government, presenting alternative ways of development of society and the state, offering a selection of its citizens.

In countries with a totalitarian regime ruled out the possibility of opposition groups.Under the regime of authoritarian opposition structures are persecuted because of the threat of power.

Under the regime of democracy opposition is an indispensable tool in the rotation of parties that are in power.The opposition democratic type is one of the most famous.It occurs in many countries around the world.Opposition parties seek to make society more democratic, but because objections and opposition to the decisions of the current government is expressed in three forms:
- political demonstrations,
- nonviolent protest,
- violent protest in the form of the overthrow of the government.

Opposition forces are usually consolidated and stable, they may differ loyalty to the system and power, but in the event of confrontations easy to join other opposition groups.