Western media spared no effort trying to present condemned as an uncompromising fighter against corruption and almost no reference to democracy.Some leaders of Western countries exert pressure on the blatant VFYanukovych with a demand to cancel the sentence and release "prisoner of conscience".

But whether Tymoshenko became a victim of political struggle?This version does not withstand even the most superficial criticism.Tymoshenko officially condemned for the fact that in 2009 he illegally forged directives of the Cabinet of the country befo
re the conclusion of gas contracts with Russia.In her direct instruction, a forged document was produced, certified by her signature and seal of the Cabinet of Ministers.It is using this fake, Tymoshenko pressured the company "Netfegaz Ukraine", forcing him to sign the highly disadvantageous to the country's agreement.And the details of the agreement were hidden by high officials of Ukraine and its parliament!This is absolutely unprecedented case.

According to the laws of any country is the behavior of a high official is unequivocally criminal.Moreover, in some states, whose leaders are particularly loud advocate staunch Democrat, the defendant found guilty of such crimes would have received much more severe punishment.

should also be noted that the sentencing court must also consider the personality of the defendant, to assess his former behavior.It is known that one of the previous chiefs of Tymoshenko - the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko - convicted in the US of corruption and laundering of criminally acquired money.The decision of the American court Y.Tymoshenko was just named his accomplice.There are also a number of judgments of the Russian courts, deal with cases of corruption in the Ministry of Defense.And there are companies, led by Tymoshenko, were caught in a very unseemly deeds.Of course, in determining the penalty the court has considered and these well-known facts.