Switzerland - a country that is a federal republic, which includes twenty-six counties and the half.The territory of the Republic has two enclaves that are the property of the German and the Italian state.Until 1848. Switzerland is a confederation.All districts individually act on their own constitution and make laws, but their rights are limited to one national constitution.
The legislature is a bicameral meeting federalization type, which includes the National Council and the County Council, the legislation in question, these two chambers are of equal nature.The National Council, which includes two hundred Deputies, elected by the people for four y
ears.As for the Council of States, it is composed of 46 deputies, who are also elected by the population, but according to the majoritarian system in most districts for two people for four years.
executive authority is the Federal Council, composed of seven counselors federalization, where each of them is the head of one of the ministries.Two advisor of this amount execute presidential right Confederation and, accordingly, the rights of the vice president.The Federal Council has and the Chancellor, who runs his machine and is entitled to a deliberative vote.
Chancellor and members of the Federal Council are elected by the general meeting of the Chamber dvuhparlamentskoy term of four years.Each year, the Parliament of the number of Board members shall be appointed chairman and vice-president without transferring legal authority for the next period.
All bills that are taken by Parliament, may be approved or rejected on the basis of a nationwide referendum meeting, for which you need to collect 50,000 signatures in up to three months.Amendments to the Constitution may be amended only with the approval of the referendum, which meets in public.Endowed with the right to vote, all citizens of the state who are 18 years of age.