Based on what Russia's influence in global politics

best minds for centuries dreamed of a just and harmonious world, where there will be wars and strife, where all respectful of each other, strictly observing mutual interests.Alas, the reality still is that considered in the first place with a strong and influential states.Although Russia for its power and influence has not yet reached the previous level of the Soviet Union, it has the 2nd la
rgest (after the US) arsenal of thermonuclear weapons and their means of delivery, large foreign exchange reserves, huge deposits of a variety of minerals - oil and gas, a quarterAll the world's reserves of fresh water and wood.This alone makes it a very powerful force in world politics.

What acute political problems can not be solved without the participation of Russia

Who in the world are many problems that can not be solved without the direct involvement of the Russian state.For example, in Ukraine the raging crisis, which began as an error because the former leadership of the country, and because of the West's attempts to bring Ukraine out of the zone of Russia's geopolitical influence.Unfortunately, the case actually came to civil war, with considerable loss of life, and every day the situation becomes more tense.Russia is vitally interested in the successful completion of this crisis (at least because Ukraine borders with it), and without its active participation to solve it is unlikely.Currently, Russia is hosting the stream of refugees from the Ukraine, to help them settle into the country.

More and more importance on a global scale becomes a struggle for energy resources, their smooth supply of consumers.Here the role of Russia as one of the main suppliers of fuel (oil and gas) in different regions of the world, so that the European economy can work, it is difficult to overestimate.And it was the economy largely determines the policy of the state.

Russia - one of the "key" players in the troubled Middle East region, where the proceeds of the Arab-Israeli conflict and still carries the victim's civil war in Syria.Through prudent but firm position of Russia, managed to avoid foreign intervention in Syria, which inevitably would have exacerbated the situation, making it unmanageable.