Read all candidates.Sometimes people who do not have their own point of view politically justified, make their choices on the basis of the usual sympathy for the appearance of the candidate.However, it is impossible to call it right.If you decide to go to the polls and vote, I try to find candidates.
Explore the electoral programs.Of course, these programs are often written too many promises and few people believe that they will actually be implemented.But the main points can exert its influence on your choice.Free medicine, education, unified state exam, the questions of housing and utilities - are the main issues that
most concern to residents.Pay attention to them, perhaps some points of election programs will help you to trust any particular candidate.
Look electoral debates.Before the elections in the central federal channels are debates between the presidential candidates.This is a good time to see each of the prospective presidents in person to see how he conducts a dialogue whether to insist on his point of view.The president will be chosen in view not only in your country but throughout the world.Such a person should be able to maintain the dignity and stand firm, not humiliating at the same interlocutor.
Go to the polls.Even if you are sure that all of you have decided for a long time - go and vote.Use your right to influence the political situation in the country.Even if you do not go to the elections, your vote will be adopted in favor of the candidate, wins.Well, to be sure of the integrity and transparency of the elections in your polling place - be an observer.To do this you need to contact the staff of any of the candidates and express their desire to work in the election observer.