reasons Khasavyurt agreements

Joint Statement Security Council Secretary Aleksandr Lebed and the head of the unrecognized Republic of Ichkeria Aslan Maskhadov made in the village of Khasavyurt, marked the end of the first Chechen campaign.The agreement was reached after Chechen rebels carried out a successful operation "jihad", which resulted in armed gangs for the second time was taken by the city of Grozny.At the same time the city was attacked by militants Argun and Gudermes, which have also been brought under control.Despite the numerical superiority of the Russian army, air superiority and superiority in armor, the Russian side was weaker due to the demoralization of the personnel.

official propaganda, in contrast, spoke of the victorious advance of the Russian troops, so the signing of the agreem
ent was received with hostility by the majority of the Russian population.Under these agreements, Moscow pledged to withdraw all its troops from the territory of Chechnya, in fact, contributing to the formation of the republic criminal enclaves.Yet Moscow has pledged money for the restoration of Chechnya and to help her food and medicines.It is not surprising that the majority of the Russian political establishment still sees the signing of the agreement as a betrayal.The decision on the status of Ichkeria postponed for five years. It should be noted the role played here oligarch Boris Berezovsky - one of the main lobbyists of Khasavyurt, which literally insisted on signing.

consequences of signing

There is a version that the Khasavyurt was beneficial to General Lebed, who wanted to look in the eyes zamiritelem future voters, because at the last presidential election, he scored nearly fourteen percent.However, soon after the signing of the Swan was announced almost a traitor and dismissed from the post of Secretary of the Security Council.The Chechen side is perceived as the Khasavyurt its unequivocal victory.But Maskhadov was unable to control the warlords, who do a variety of criminal business. money from Moscow to restore the republic acted in the proper amount, but destroyed homes and villages were not restored, and the whole republican economy was purely criminal in nature.

Republic turned into a criminal enclave where flourishing drug trade, the slave trade, the practice of taking hostages and demanding ransom for them.In Chechnya, he was born a real hotbed of religious extremism, which the flames spread to the neighboring areas.The situation remains dangerous and unstable until the attack on Dagestan by Chechen militants in 1999, which led to the cancellation of the Khasavyurt agreements and beginning of the second Chechen campaign.