Throughout human history there were wars.They were due territories, resources, ideas and, of course, due to the fact that the nation wanted to rise above the other.The last reason is probably the most strange and absurd.After all, each person has their own personal qualities to be proud of.And to prove to him that he is bad just because of the fact that he was born in another country, at least strange.

But, nevertheless, this situation is not uncommon.Yes, people do not choose where he was born.But for some reason it begins to be proud of their nationality.And sometimes I thought flowing in the other direction.And he begins to disparage all (or many) who were born in other countries.So developing nationalism.His ideas can be so
aked with mother's milk, but may appear in the old age.

Nationalism - a rather vague concept.This word can express the love of country, pride in their homeland, loyalty to his people.And it seems that there's anything wrong with that.But this is just the tip of the iceberg.To begin with, there are so many areas of nationalism.They teach various principles and actions.

And the other side of nationalism - the humiliation of people of other nationalities.This may manifest itself in different ways.Someone just has a negative attitude to other countries, someone wants to destroy this or that state, but what some are trying to create a world in which the will is only one nationality.

If you take a precise definition, nationalism - is a psychological expression of national superiority.This concept includes a lot of good, but even more wrong.Love your home normally.But to say that the others worse - is fundamentally wrong.And almost every nation considers itself better than others on certain grounds.And, of course, oblivious to the fact that we all - just people who have both good and bad qualities.

Nationalism - a good feeling, if it remains in its infancy.But if it starts to develop - trouble is inevitable.One should not put themselves above others, because he does not differ from them.But places.And this problem is not one hundred years.