For all Russian history, strengthening the autocratic power of the Russian state and the reign of Ivan the Terrible, was of great importance.His policy consisted of two stages: the reform of the 50's, the efforts of autocratic power, which was limited to the estate-representative institutions;then use the oprichnina Ivan IV tried to establish absoyutno monarchy.
Childhood king passed during the 'boyar rule', much to undermine the state structure.Therefore, when Grozny began independently to govern the country in the 1547g.he founded the "Selected Rada", which was supposed to carry out the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčEuropean absolutism.

Within 2 years the Terrible gathered first in the history of Russian Zemsky Sobor (Assembly of representatives of all social classes except slaves and serfs).At the council the ki
ng made a reform program.The result of this was the release of the new cathedral of Laws (1550.), Which was adopted by the Boyar Duma.

Sudebnik sharply limited the power of governors, thereby strengthening the central government, as well as establish a strict order of transmission of judicial and administrative affairs in the state structure.The court could participate elected by the people: elders, constables.Also, taxable benefits were limited to major religious and secular feudal lords.It is regulated by the position of the peasantry: increased cost for the care of the owner in St. George's Day, and significantly strengthened the feudal laws.

With the adoption of Laws in the country began reform.In 1556, abolished the system of feeding, cash salaries for the service of the boyars was their only income.In the same year it made "The Code of Service", according to which military service should be held as the nobles, and the nobles.

Ivan the Terrible completes the formation of the army.It creates strelets army, which numbered in the early 50s was 3,000, and by the end of the century - 20,000 archers.Artillery King singled out as a separate branch of service that the end of the reign of Ivan the Terrible had in its arsenal of 2,000 guns.

In the second half of the 50s was carried out reform by fiat, it was the result of the completion of a coherent system of public administration and the executive.The reform consisted of 22 orders, increased the number of the bureaucracy, and covered his influence all spheres of society.

to address critical issues of Ivan the Terrible created the highest state body - the Zemsky Sobor.It could participate boyars, nobles, clergy and merchant class, indicating that the transformation of the country's caste-representational monarchy.This was reflected in local territorial self-government, the governors were abolished, and in their place were chosen mayor from among the peasants and townspeople.

At the same time, Grozny holds church reforms that canonize saints.Thus uniting the entire Russian people in a single state.Reform has strengthened the corporate organization of the Church, weakening its independence from the state.

December 3, 1564, having made a sort of coup d'etat, Ivan IV introduced the oprichnina.The new order of central government shared in 2 parts: the rural and oprichnina yards.Earth states were also divided into 2 parts: zemshchina and oprichnina.Oprichnina was completely under the authority of the king, and stayed zemshchina old order management.All who were not recorded in the oprichnina, evicted on zemshchina, thusnobles were deprived of their ancestral homes.Terrible created oprichnina army - his personal protection.At this time, torture, destruction of homesteads spying, mass executions, robberies are commonplace.In 1572, the oprichnina was abolished, however, some of its elements have continued to exist until the death of the king.Oprichnina directly contributed to the economic crisis in the country, and had spent its economy, it has broken economic ties.The country began the hunger and poverty, why ripe universal popular discontent.