Create Party was the result of a merger in 1905 of two illegal organization - the "Union Zemstvo-constitutionalists" and "Union of Liberation."The composition of the Cadets were the aristocrats, nobles with progressive views and simply the most highly educated and intelligent people of his time.Among the party leaders belonged to Prince Shakhovskaya and brothers-Dolgorukov, representatives of the royal dynasty of pedigree and one of the largest landowners in Russia.The history of the party is inextricably linked with the name of its director PNMilyukov - a prominent public figure, who later became Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Provisional Government of Kerensky.

process of combining erudite liberal Zemstvo landlords and passionate leaders of the leftist intelligentsia took extremely difficult.The figure of the last politi
cal emigration Miliukov was almost the only one satisfied the representatives of both unions.According to eyewitnesses, Miliukov had a unique gift of persuasion and was able to accurately find a compromise in the dispute.The supreme organ of the Party was the party Central Committee, whose members were elected at the congress.The Central Committee was composed of the departments of Moscow and St. Petersburg.This Petersburg department responsible for the development of the program of the party and bills.Moscow department in charge of the publishing organization and propaganda work.


main idea of ​​the program was the introduction of the Cadets and the development of Russia's liberal values ​​and the solutions implemented in the European democratic model state.The Cadets proposed the introduction of an 8-hour workday, freedom of speech, assembly, press and religion, universal compulsory and free primary education, security of person and home.The party advocated the independence of the judiciary and to increase the area of ​​land plots for farmers, but at the same time uphold the principles of social organization based on a constitutional monarchy.That is, in fact, the program of the Cadets was the quintessential liberal ideas that existed at that time in the Russian Empire.

In 1917, after the February Revolution, the Cadets have become one of the ruling parties.Party members entered the cabinet.In the same period there was a change of policy.The abdication of the king forced the Cadets to join the supporters of a parliamentary republic.But their position in the workers' and peasants were weak environment, and ideas - are almost unknown to ordinary people.This was one of the reasons for the overthrow of the Provisional Government.

conflict of political ideas within the party and inevitably unsuccessful opposition to the Bolsheviks led the Cadets to the split, which occurred in 1921 at a congress in exile in Paris.The party split into two streams, one of which was headed by Milyukov, the other - Hesse and Kaminka.At this point, the story ended with the Constitutional Democratic Party of Russia.