formally vote on the main citizens give their votes not for the particular potential of the president, but for a set of people ("electors"), which is obtained from your state mandate to vote in a certain way the electoral college.The number of electors from each state is determined by the number of seats allocated to it in both houses of Congress.No matter how much interest received or that the president and his deputy to vote, all the electors of this state are required to vote only for the winner.Therefore, each party nominates presidential candidate,
is preparing its own set of electors.

Now the number of trusted people who have to go into the election board, equal to 538, so to win the tandem of the future leaders of the country need to secure the votes of 270 of them.The Board will convene to elect the president on December 17 and the counting of the results will be held on 7 January.But both of these actions will be nothing more than a formality - almost 3 months ahead already know who will be obliged to vote for someone.

procedure of nomination of presidential candidates from political parties in the United States, too, multi-stage and she starts around one and a half years before the main election.First, in each State Party carry out primary elections - "primaries".They are ordinary members vote their representatives to determine the regional party conference, which will, in turn, is determined by delegates at the national conference of the party.And it is there that the delegates and vote for one of the candidates.

Each of these steps means that the chosen delegates are required to vote for a certain candidate.So it turns out that, despite all the intricacies of the procedure, it is at the lowest stage the future of the head of state.But technically, a two-thirds vote in the National Conference, the candidate becomes a candidate promoted by a single party for the presidency.A nominee of the future vice president, he defines himself - this operation is complete without one more golosovatelnogo multilevel process.