For an objective assessment of personality and management of Joseph Stalin should take into account the concrete historical situation in the state, and in the whole world.In less than 10 years, going through World War I, February and October revolutions, civil war, the country has suffered enormous human and material losses.Cheerless reality became general exasperation on the part of the people, a sharp decline in industry and agriculture, a violation of the habitual
way of life, an epidemic, a lot of street children.If we add to this is not to justify the hopes of the world communist revolution, serious illness (and dying shortly thereafter) the undisputed political leader VIUlyanov-Lenin and fight his "heirs" of power, the picture is even more bleak.
Joseph Stalin in the early 20-ies markedly inferior to the popularity and influence of Lenin, Trotsky and other prominent party leaders.However, by clever intrigue behind the scenes, creating temporary alliances (and then, at the right time, destroying them), he managed to push Trotsky first to second place, and then did get his expulsion from the party.Similarly, he joined with other former colleagues, which saw competitors.By the end of the 20s, Stalin became the undisputed political leader.It was necessary to have analytical thinking, patience, the ability to calculate different variants of the events, as well as the ability to convince that he was right.These qualities are essential to the head in order to succeed.Here is one of the reasons why Stalin could be called an effective manager.
grandiose reforms implemented in the Soviet Union in a few years (from late 20s to mid-30s), the defeat of the troops of Nazi Germany, as well as the pace of reconstruction work after the end of World War II, manypeople in the world seemed to be a real miracle.The merit of Joseph Stalin in this very large.He often acted harshly authoritarian methods, undeterred by the harsh violence.At the same time, he showed extraordinary organizational skills, picking up and placing in key positions need people able to delve into the essence of the matter, to concentrate material and human resources in the right place at the right time.That has proved effective quality management.