Formally Bundestag - a unicameral body, organized on the principle of national representation.Currently it is divided into two parts - the government and the opposition.The first consists of three parties with the total number of votes in the amount of 504 ex - Christian Democratic Union of Germany Angela Merkel (the leader with 255 votes), Social Democratic Party of Germany with Sigmar Gabriel at the head (193) and Christian Social Union leader HorstSeehofer (56).And in the second part of two German parties - the Left-led Katie Kipping and Bernd Riksingera (64) and Greens leaders Cem Özdemir and Simon Peter (63).Each of the parties in Germany is assigned a characteristic color
symbolism - black, red, blue, burgundy and green, respectively.The system of voting in the Bundestag of Germany refers to a mixed type.
of the German Parliament secured several important functions - legislative, election (election of the Federal Chancellor, who is currently Angela Merkel) and controls (to determine the direction of the government).Moreover, the laws in the Bundestag is not only accepted, but also developed.A very interesting feature of the work and the next German government: people's choices are not often neglect their right to resort to the help of outside experts.
members of the Bundestag are elected in general, direct and free elections, but in a secret ballot, since they are representatives of the entire German people, not bound by any obligations and instruments and managed only "his own conscience."
Chairman of Parliament of Germany is traditionally chosen from the members of the faction, which is the strongest and most numerous.That Angela Merkel, in addition to the executive functions of the President, is also required to conduct plenary sessions and enforce strict parliamentary rules.In addition to the chairman, the Bundestag, the following positions and bodies - Vice-President (one from each faction), the presidium of the Bundestag (it includes Preziden Parliament and Vice-President), the Council of Elders, which is probably the legacy of earlier times and ascending its history tolast centuries of existence of the country, the various committees, the administration of the Bundestag and Bundestag police.For each body secured certain functions.