The main reason for this decision was the workload of administrative buildings of the historical center of Moscow.The largest concentration of the various authorities located on Okhotny Ryad and Bolshaya Dmitrovka, two hundred meters from the Kremlin.Large public buildings, including the State Duma, consisting of 450 members, not counting their assistants and the secretariat, their personal and company cars - all to turn Moscow into a city bureaucracy.

And still today the capital can safely give a definition: the city for business.Every day, millions of people every morning on their cars are sent to the center to work.Huge traffic jams in the morning and the evening began t
o daily reality and at the same time a nightmare for the city.Metro is already unable to cope with this problem.

Based on all of these events, many residents of cities are seriously concerned about the fact that Moscow will soon be one very big collapse.As a result, there was a proposal of expansion capital.First at the state level to speak about this, Dmitry Medvedev.He proposed to add a few hundred hectares in the Moscow region "Big Moscow".July 1 to Moscow joined the Moscow region, received the informal name of "New Moscow".The increase is mainly in the southern and south-western directions.

Commission move led by the chairman Igor Shuvalov in July 2012, proposed to put in Kommunarka government center, located not far from the Moscow ring road.Move to the deputies and senators agreed, but with the caveat that with them will move to New Moscow and other authorities.But the MPs refused to move.

Vladimir Putin said at a closed meeting in the Kremlin, August 14, 2012 postponed the adoption of this resolution until March 2013, instructing experts to assess the financial side of the issue.