poll on trust Vladimir Putin held August 10-13, "Levada Center" (Levada Center) - a non-governmental organization, regularly conducting polls and enjoys a good reputation.According to the center, positively evaluated the work of the President 48% of respondents, negatively - 25%.It should be noted that in May the figures were 60% and 21% respectively, and the first two terms of Vladimir Putin were even higher in the region of 65% and 15%.

conducted Levada Center polls show that the rating of trust to the president of the country has been steadily declining.Why is this happening?As stated by 56%, they are tired of waiting for Putin to positive changes in the country.Decreases and the level of confidence of Russians in it
s influence on what is happening in Russia.In addition, the downgrade of the current president influenced presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin wins the sympathy of the electorate.

to reduce the popularity of the current president, said some recent scandals - such as the trial of the group Pussy Riot.Despite the fact that the majority of Russians do not support the blasphemous outburst group in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, many of them do not approve of too harsh a sentence of a member of the group.Considering that during the so-called punk prayer they performed the song "Mother of God, Putin Put" trial of the group for many Russians was associated with Putin's name, which had a negative impact on the rating of the president.

great influence on the decline in the popularity of Vladimir Putin had the economic development of the country - more precisely, its extremely low rates.Against the background of high inflation and the lack of any kind was a distinct improvement in the prospects for the standard of living of the credibility of the president can not be kept at a high level.The country is still firmly seated in the oil and gas "needle" in many economic indicators are hopelessly behind the Western countries.Even in those areas where Russia has been traditionally strong in recession - in particular in the space industry, faced with a number of failed launches of spacecraft.The country may even lose the status of a "space cab", not to mention the failure to tackle large-scale projects like the Americans successfully sent to Mars laboratory MSL (Curiosity).Together with other problems - are still high levels of corruption, the imperfection of the judicial legislation, the problems of the pension system and many others, trust the Russians to the current government has been steadily declining.