in the December elections was attended by all existing at the time the political parties.As a result of voting the 7 percent barrier to overcome following the party "United Russia" (49.32%), the Communist Party (19.19%), "Fair Russia" (13.24%) and the Liberal Democratic Party (11.67%).3 parties failed to win seats in the State Duma: "Yabloko" party received 3.43% of votes, "Patriots of Russia" - 0.97%, "just cause" - 0.6% .Rossiyskaya public questioned the legitimacy of the election outcomewhich has led to numerous protests in most major cities.Violations were captured on camera and posted on the Internet.However, a revision of the results of this has not, in fact, carrying out of the meetings was zaprescheno.Iz innovations in the elections to the State Duma of the 6th convocation may be
noted equipping webcams around 10 thousand polling stations, as well as the introduction of optical scan voting system in the 4828 areas.For the first time all the parties participated in a televised debate.To get into the State Duma in 2011 was enough to gain 5% in order to delegate to the bodies of a member of the Legislative Assembly, and 6% for the allocation of seats to two participants of the party.However, it should be noted that this right was not able to take advantage of any party, since in addition to the four parties in the Duma passed overcome the barrier of 5% no one can distinguish smog.Sredi violations campaigning on election day, which is prohibited by law.There have also been distributed to "carousel", where people were taken to vote on the different parts with absentee ballots, "stuffing" ballots before voting.The booths at several polling stations were found pens with disappearing ink.It should be noted that these exit polls with the results announced by the CEC, are different.As a result of the numerous violations of the State Duma of the 6th convocation of the party "United Russia" gained more than half the seats in the lower house of the Federal Assembly.This means that any laws, except for amendments to the Constitution may be taken or to block the forces of the party.How will the fate of the Russian Duma's work, time will tell.