observer requirements are minimal.They can become not only a Russian citizen over 18 years, but also a citizen of another country.The main thing that he officially represented the media, or the candidate of a registered party.
appeal directly to a newspaper, magazine, radio, Internet edition, having the state registration as a mass medium.Ask whether to agree to issue you a certificate of the observer.Such a document may make a temporary press card.
To become observer from the party, it does not need to enter it.Refer to the election headquarters of any party.Find contact information or fill out an application, you can at the following addresses: - "Yabloko» - «A Just Russia» - Communist Party - http: //kprf.
ru/party/contact/- LDPR - «Just Cause» - «Patriots of Russia"-Если you want to go to the elections as an observer of the self-nominated Mikhail Prokhorov, then fill out the form on the page
Call you on any given day, even on election day, but keep in mind that in one polling station may be present only one individual from the candidate, the media or the party that you want to represent.
Fill in the address or will be contacted and the coordinator will tell you where and when your local training courses will take place observers, as well as help to get the certificate by contacting the representatives of the parties, the media specifically in your city.You can also do go to the organizer of the initiative group at
By choice you have to come prepared, know their duties and rights.To do this, head of the election headquarters of parties supplying observers reminders.You can print out a memo, downloaded here: