Tip 1: As discussed at the APEC summit in Vladivostok

APEC Summit - the annual meeting of the Asia-Pacific region, which address issues of regional trade and prosperity of the APEC members.24 meeting was held for the first time in the territory of the Russian Federation - on the Russian island a few kilometers from Vladivostok.

Holding the summit in 2012 has required considerable investments from the Russian side - the island has almost no developed infrastructure.The most large-scale construction - a bridge connecting the peninsula to the island Nazimov Russian, as well as the Golden Bridge, which runs across the Golden Horn and connecting highway Khabarovsk-Vladivostok with the island.It deployed the construction of hotels, theaters and other infrastructure to meet the guests was held at the proper level.

According to Vladimir Putin, such thorough preparation should make it clear to member countries that Russia - a country of opportunities, cooperation with which is advantageous economically.The plans of the host country of the summit were in the
list of issues discussed in the first place.The entire first day of the meeting was devoted to discussion of food security of the Russian Federation.It is planned that the tool for solving this problem could be the introduction of innovative technologies in agriculture, as well as the promotion of public-private partnership.

Excites representatives of member countries and improving the effectiveness of response in case of emergencies, support for the trading system and economic integration.They will look for effective methods to combat poaching of living aquatic resources.

foreign ministers and trade ministers at a summit in 2012 summing up the work of APEC for the current year, and also considering plans for the next.This year, Russia has offered to other participants to focus on topical issues such as the improvement of transport and logical systems and international cooperation for innovative growth.What tasks will be priority for the forum in the future - will the summit.

In the last days of the summit, Ambassador of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov will hold a series of bilateral meetings, including with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird.State representatives to discuss not only economic issues relevant to the summit, but the topics covered, without which it does not do any international event - the threat of terrorism and the Syrian crisis.

Tip 2: How will host the APEC summit in Vladivostok

24th annual meeting of leaders of APEC - Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum - scheduled for September 2-9 in Vladivostok under the motto "Responding to the challenges.Expanding opportunities. "In Russia, a similar event is planned for the first time.
How will host the APEC summit in Vladivostok

Vladivostok started to prepare for the summit.It creates a public group of 12 people.Citizens participated in the selection of 9 candidates was announced for this Internet voting.Another three members appointed by the Governor of Primorsky Krai, Vladimir Miklushevsky.The merger of these people is to prepare the facilities for the meeting.

Participants will also develop proposals as constructed objects can be used in everyday life of the city after the event.Already passed the inspection of low water bridge "De Vries-Sedanka" bridge across the Golden Horn and the Bosporus East, a new terminal building, as well as the road section on the island of Russian.

Summit will be held on the island of Russian.By the beginning of the event it is planned to put into operation the building of the Far Eastern Federal University, which will be the interaction between participants of the summit.The construction of the three ships.In the manufacture of shells used transport high-strength composite material and aluminum alloy.Catamarans are designed for 223 seats.Their operating speed - 25 knots and a cruising range of 400 miles.

already successfully tested catamaran "St. Petersburg".The second vehicle - "Moscow" and ready to go and already delivered to the customer.Third catamaran "Vladivostok" - is still under construction company "Pacific Marine."Ready catamarans have successfully passed the test tests, showed efficiency and ease of use compared with the "Comet".Vessel give the Primorsky Territory Administration, which plans to transfer them in the future for the coastal region of passenger traffic.

Event organizers rented additionally in Singapore two passenger catamaran and an ocean liner.They will be hosted guests and conduct the business of the summit.

In October 2010, the city was delivered to the ferry "Georg Ots" tonnage - up to 374 passengers.The vehicle was constructed In 1980, in Poland.Then he was planning to leave for the passenger traffic on the seas of the Far East.

APEC CEO Summit is very effective, and eventually it proved.Russian presidency has trained about 70 initiative proposals and projects for consideration by the partners, which allows us to conclude meaningful content based on the final documents for the APEC summit.

take effective measures to protect the summit.In Vladivostok, now runs the Joint Staff, which included about 10 law enforcement agencies.Constantly held special training and exercises, which will continue until the arrival of the heads of the countries - participants of the summit.