«Cold War» and space achievements of the USSR and the United States

«Cold War" got its name due to the fact that an open military conflict between the USSR and the United States has not happened.Both countries are in a short time took possession of nuclear weapons, it has become a limiting factor in the confrontation between the two superpowers.This marked the beginning of a never-ending arms race, which resulted in the economy of the opposing countries largely work on their armies.

What are the symbols of the Cold War?They are quite a lot.For example, one of the clearest examples of superpow
er rivalry can be considered as a struggle for space exploration.Every achievement of one side becomes a challenge to another.The first Soviet artificial Earth satellite, put into orbit on Oct. 4, 1957, was an outstanding achievement of the Soviet Union, a symbol of victory in the space race.Even more great success was the flight of Yuri Gagarin, April 12, 1961 to orbit the Earth in a spaceship "Vostok-1".The specialists of the US knew that the missile "R-7" deliver Gagarin into orbit, and could carry a nuclear warhead.

were other our victory - the photo side of the Moon, the first Soviet "Lunokhod".The answer was the Americans landing men on the moon.In fairness it should be noted that many skeptics the reality of those flights is still in serious doubt.

can not fail to mention the famous Star Wars program, the creation of the American space shuttle "Space Shuttle".The answer was the Soviet side of the space program "Energy-Buran" - all too vivid symbols of the Cold War.Their implementation has been spent huge amounts of money, in many respects himself does not pay off.The confrontation of the superpowers in space has become one of the most striking manifestations of the Cold War.

«Cold War": the Cuban missile crisis, the Berlin Wall and other symbols of superpower confrontation

Cuban missile crisis that put the world on the brink of nuclear war, can also be considered a symbol of the confrontation.Fortunately, the United States and the Soviet Union had the good sense to sit down at the negotiating table and to prevent the destruction of mankind.Several major wars of the 20th century: the Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan was directly related to the struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union, which tried to promote their interests and expand influence in these regions.

Even sport has become an arena of political struggle.Confrontation between the two hockey teams, the USSR and Canada, it was no less to inflame passions than statements of politicians.Victory at all costs - in the first place should be the best.Ideology does the job.Hockey battle like any other sports record, considered from the political point of view.

But the most striking symbol of the "cold war", of course, is the Berlin Wall.Like the Great Wall of China, it is fenced off from the world of capitalism, the socialist world, dividing Berlin into two halves.The Berlin Wall was the visible manifestation of the irreconcilability of the two systems, the reluctance of the superpowers to make any compromises.With its destruction began rapprochement between the USSR and the United States - thaw eighties.