Totalitarianism and signs

Totalitarian Democracy - is one form of totalitarianism, but apparently they retain the characteristics of a democratic system: removability of the head of state, elected bodies, universal suffrage, etc.

Totalitarianism - such a system of government, which involves the establishment of total control of all aspects of the life of society as a whole and each individual in particular.The state regulates the life force all members of society, completely depriving them of the right to independence not only in actions, but thoughts.

main signs of totalitarianism: the existence of a single state ideology, which must support all the inhabitants of the country;strict censorship;state control over the media;relations in the country are based on the following position: "allowed
only what is recognized authoritative bodies, everything else is prohibited";It is a police control of the whole of society in order to identify dissidents;the bureaucracy in all spheres of life.

When totalitarianism virtually erased the boundary between state and society, as everything is controlled and highly regulated.The region's personal life is very limited.

totalitarian democracy in the history of

Causes of totalitarian democracy are still debatable.Such systems are formed, as a rule, after a sharp democracy in countries with authoritarian or totalitarian regimes: political revolution, revolution, etc.Usually in these cases the population is not enough political literacy than often abused people who have come to power.Despite the fact that the authorities elected by popular vote, the results of these elections are always predictable in advance.And such stability for the most part are not provided by direct manipulation.Administrative resources, control of the media, community organizations, economy and investments - are the tools used by the ruling elite in such a system as totalitarian democracy.

striking example of such a political system in history can serve as a state system of the USSR.Despite the proclamation of the Constitution and the declaration of equality is actually a country led by the higher ranks of the Communist Party.The political system in the Soviet Union analyzed in detail in the book by the famous French philosopher and humanist, Raymond Aron's "Democracy and totalitarianism."