Inquire about which services you want to use.What kind of company, how long it exists in the insurance market, whether included in the register of the insurers of the Russian Federation and others.Carefully read the information on this site (if the insurer is), read reviews.Also, ask around people who have used the services of this company - whether they are satisfied, if there was any problems, difficulties with payments of sums insured.
Try to make an impression on the insurance company, according to the level of competence, courtesy of its staff, ready to answer
questions a potential customer to provide him with all necessary information, and so that it was simple and clear.It is better to visit the office of the company, and not be limited to phone call.Do not hesitate to ask questions.After all, you want people to pay for their services, and therefore have the right to make sure that your money will not be wasted in vain.
Try to choose an insurance company from the list of reputable organizations for many years engaged in the provision of such services.And remember that the level of their charges should be close to the average.Do not repeat the mistakes of the people who trust in an unknown office, tempted by the low value of contributions.
When talking with insurers sure to ask if the insured event occurs, you will need to apply directly to the same office or at another location?If it turns out that it is necessary to apply to another office (especially located far away) - consider whether you need the extra trouble.
carefully examined in terms of the contract.Particular attention is paid to such moments: what is considered an insured event, under what conditions and in what amounts paid to the insured amount and the conditions under which the case is not considered an insurance (and, accordingly, payments will not be).Of course, it is not easy for people who are not versed in the legal intricacies, but do your best to find out.This way you save yourself from potential problems or loss.