notion of citizens as a social community

social community is a source of social activity.Citizens conduct joint social activities such as living in a compact area, the implementation of non-agricultural production (technology, innovation, services), creating a comfortable infrastructure, large-scale consumption of material goods and information.

townspeople as a social community can be viewed from three perspectives:
- from the perspective of the citizen as an individual member of society - issues of life in the urban environment, its capacity for development and implementation;
- from the perspective of residents in group interaction - particularly the urban labor varieties of leisure, cultural level;
- from the perspective of citizens, depending on the specific p
lace of residence in the city - different social conditions of the inhabitants of the central part of the city, suburbs, poor or privileged areas.
social structure of the city serves as a model society and as a space-infrastructure organization.

especially the urban lifestyle

urban lifestyle concept appeared as a result of the historical, geographical and social processes as urbanization, identified with the increasing role of cities in the design and development of society.At the heart of the urbanization are territorial division of labor and extensive administrative structure.

features of the social urban culture:
- multi-structured;
- a high concentration of different types of employment;
- high rates of vitality;
- a large number of non-governmental organizations and government agencies;
- tolerance;
- focus on innovation and progress;
- a variety of sub-cultures, art styles and methods of self-expression;
- the separation of the individual with the city of his residence.

social problems of urban life are the following trends:
- short and superficial contact in interpersonal communication;
- anonymity;
- low involvement in the lives of the people around them - neighbors, employees;
- the weakening of traditions.

In general, the social conditions of urban life are a possibility as the comprehensive development of personality and self-expression, and the danger of depersonalization and alienation of the individual from society.