under the symbol understood symbol for members of a particular social group.The characters can be used as objects, processes, elements of nature, the language.Most often, the content of the symbol is an abstract set of ideas about something.For example, religious or national character.The value of the content and meaning of symbols is revealed with the help of language.Some characters can be understood intuitively, while others require clarification.
Education characters occurs by mutual agreement of the people, because their meaning should be clear cultural people.Symbols are used for communication.It is necessary to distinguish the character of the sign, the symbol value can not be removed from its physical form.We can not say about the physical difference of plain wat
er from the holy creed.
symbol is a special sign by which people discover meanings and actions.It defines the behavior of the people and regulates it gives meaning.Without symbols there would be no rules, laws, and organizations.The ability to interpret symbols depends on the personality, its culture and education.It is formed during the interaction with the community.
Symbols cause both rational and sensible understanding of people.A fragment of matter is understood as a specific color flag of any state.On the other hand, the kind of character that can cause pride for their country.These social feelings are directly dependent on the prevailing social values.Thus, the symbols confer importance symbolized by them, help maintain an emotional connection with him society.
comprehension of the meaning of the symbol occurs in the dialogue between man and society, because it may be distorted.Another danger for the character - to be devoid of significance for sensual men, having only rational explanation.For example, not every character is accepted community of people emotionally.
Characters in science are some logical generalization, abstraction.Scientific symbol is any formula.In the formula, and the result is expressed, and the way to achieve it.Art is a symbol of the way in which the meaning of the event is concluded or the time after the fact, act or person.Especially rich in symbols of poetry.Symbols are in similes, allegories, metaphors.The symbols in the religion are very important.Religious language is symbolic in itself, because different people may have different understanding concluded in its meaning.