November 17 - the day Aleksandrov, named in honor of the Holy Martyr Alexandra presbyter.Name Alexander, abbreviated - Sasha, Shura, has ancient Greek origins and means "defender of the people."As the household statistics, almost all representatives of the name to justify its value.The main quality inherent in all Alexandria - justice.This is not to say that they are always strictly observe all the rules of morality.Alexandra sociable, intelligent, self-confident.However, from time to time they have moments when they go into themselves and concentrate only on your inner world.
basis of the vital position of Alexander is setting goals and achieving them almost always.

By nature Alexander - leader and therefore it has the potential to become a leader.But it is not a representati
ve of the name of seeking what they perceived quite painful.

Ivana and Ilya

often mistakenly say that on 17 November Remembrance Day Elijah, but in fact celebrated on this day men, named in honor of the Great Ioannikija - the sinner to repent and embrace the path of worship.

Ivan - the Hebrew name meaning "gift of God."Unequivocally characterize members of this can not be named.Someone inherent communicability, cockiness and a lot of activity, and someone is always calm, and assiduous.Just Vanya can combine all these qualities simultaneously.

Ivan inherent purposefulness.Moreover, it can vigorously pursue its goal, and then suddenly it grow cold.In relations with people Ivan behaves just subtly and openly.So he never refuses to help, if he sees someone in need.

big role in the lives of people with the same name played by the family and family traditions.They appreciate the warmth and comfort, and are themselves very hospitable, and therefore often name day November 17 celebrate big and noisy company.

Ilya name comes from the Hebrew word "Yahweh," which means, "My God."Despite the fact that from the outside it seems that the man who has the same name, behaves very restrained in relation to others, in fact it is quite friendly, kind and responsive.And if you happen to him and angry outbursts or conflicts, it is always ready to apologize and admit his guilt.

At home Ilya shows unprecedented economic and thoroughness.


November 17 - Remembrance Day holy fool Simeon's Cathedral and name all the men named in his honor.

name Stepan has ancient Greek origins and means "crown."Here it is with someone is never a dull moment, so it is with Stepan.He is active, always has a lot of different ideas and proposals and he himself embodies them into reality.One gets the feeling that this man has no closed doors or the place where he had not made friends.Stepan will always find a way out of any, even unusual situation.