July 5, 2012 the overwhelming majority of printed newspapers in France out of print.Many publications were limited only to the placement of online electronic editions of newspapers.The reason for this failure was the strike of employees of printing houses.Prints produced by the group Hersant, placed on the websites of the information that a specified day paper versions of newspapers will not be available in connection with the start of a nationwide strike.

World Online Publishing Association was informed that the reason for the protests began in mass layoffs printers.For example, more than 600 people has reduced publ
ishing Hersant, 1000 - the company Presstails, whose area of ​​activity - distribution of printed materials.Employees of enterprises, Federated Workers and the paper book industry, made an appeal to the government to which you want to resolve the issue at the workplace.

Actions printing plant workers brought condemnation from the National Union of the daily press.In a statement, the organization stated that the print media became hostages of printers that only increasingly destabilizing the labor market in the printing industry.

Cases strikes typographical workers - not a rarity for France.In October 2011, due to the protests have not seen the light edition of the newspaper Le Monde, which is directly connected with the strike were employees of the printing house of one of the suburbs of Paris.At the time, company employees against transfer of structural units of the printing to other areas.

Commenting on the situation, Gerard Pitokshi, one of the union leaders pointed to the fact that the paper editions of newspapers have recently sold worse.Yet the industry can survive for a decade, so you should take advantage of this situation by using the next few years for the training of printing to new professions, not thoughtlessly cut jobs.