symbol of the Holy Grail exists in many nations, but the legends about it vary.Common to all is the essence of the Grail.This cup symbolizes immortality, a continuous source of life, fertility and abundance.Its owner acquires eternal life and receives whatever he wants.Ispivshy Grail of cured all diseases.He even has the ability to resurrect.

Grail in the Christian tradition

According to Christian legend Grail produced the angels from an emerald which fell from Lucifer's forehead, exiled from heaven.It is thought that the Grail was Adam, but left him in the Garden of Eden after the expulsion.The loss means the loss of the Holy Grail of true spirituality, inner integrity, purity and innocence.It is believed that the finder in the center of the Garden of Eden bowl redeem human sin and restore the paradise on earth.

also in Christianity interpret
ed as the Holy Grail chalice from which Jesus drank Christ and the apostles at the Last Supper, and after Joseph of Arimathea gathered in her blood of the crucified Christ.Later Jew suffered cup in England, where he hid it on the hillside.Believing the legend and wonderful properties of bowls, many adventurers are sent to possible locations of its location.For some, the Grail - a quest for eternal life, for someone - the meaning of existence.

legacy of the ancient religion of the Celts

prototype of the Holy Grail is considered the magic cauldron of the Celtic god Dagda, "Good God," who is the patron of the earth.The boiler is called an inexhaustible hunger and quenches all the suffering.

also Celtic symbol of supreme power was a bowl filled with wine, beer or honey, which brings the young girl to the king, to enter upon the throne.Later, this value is transferred to the Holy Grail, which is carried out in search of many years the Knights of the Round Table.According to legend, he could find only the most worthy, with pure thoughts and heart.

In Greek mythology as a symbol like the Holy Grail - a Cornucopia.Myth has it that the horn belonged goat named Amalhteia whose drinking milk Zeus while being with his mother Rhea hid in Crete from his terrible father Crown.Zeus Almighty later gave horn magical property owner to grant all that you could wish for.

At a time when over the Celts in Britain was ruled by the Druids and their magic was the subject of the boiler.They believed that the boiler could raise the dead, give divine inspiration, an inexhaustible source of food.

mystery of the Holy Grail will always remain shrouded in speculation, and always will excite the imagination of adventurers and explorers.