Hollywood stars are beautiful, famous and ensured, and their life is like a fairy tale.However, fame and wealth to pay, often, the right to privacy.About her fans want to know, and the media are writing about it, but, alas, not always the truth.This causes the stars in the response, particularly hiking in court.

Tom Cruise's lawyers repeatedly filed an application to the court.Thus the star refuted the unjust accusation of homosexuality or hobby plastic surgery in the pages of publications or required to withdraw from the sale of sex toys with his picture.However, this time more seriously affected by the pro
blem, we are talking about domestic violence.

July 11, 2012 in the British journal «The National Enquirer» published an article about the terrible behavior of Cruise to the family.She came under a loud headline "Inside Tom's house of horrors - an insult, cruelty, humiliation" and took a few pages.Eloquent picture of the mansion Cruise and Holmes was put to cover and completed the inscription "Tom - a true monster."

The article appeared in the form of a star tyrant planter household of their own rules and laws and severely punished for the slightest offense.For example, the author argues that Cruise's daughter locked in a windowless room for several hours or even days, if, in his opinion, badly behaved.Stung by a gross interference in his life, the actor has decided to file a lawsuit.

July 13 the actor's lawyer Bert Fields, filed a lawsuit against the publishers «American Media», which owns the British Journal.According to representatives of the stars, they intend to receive moral and financial compensation for the damage done to his career and reputation.In addition, they are waiting for a public apology from the newspaper, which should restore the good name of Tom Cruise.