For the second quarter of 2011 net profit of the largest software maker was about $ 6 billion.Now, during the same period, the company suffers losses.This news could not go unnoticed, because the shares of the corporation traded on the stock exchange NASDAQ.Now the loss per share was $ 0.06 compared with a profit of $ 0.7 in 2011.

So sad performance in 2012, many experts associated with the extremely unfortunate acquisition of Internet advertising agency aQuantive.This purchase Microsoft made in 2007.The cost of agency then was 6.3 billion dollars.In early July, the corporation announced the cancellation of 6.2 billion from the activities of the agency.This amount will go to cover the costs incurred as a result of failed investments.It turns out, the purchase amou
nt is almost coincided with the volume of write-offs.

Microsoft bought the ill-fated agency is not just.The company has sought in every way to strengthen its position in the online advertising market.However, the acquisition did not met expectations.Moreover, the agency has become part of a very unsuccessful policy of Microsoft to invest in the Internet sector.Analysts state that the computer giant has suffered a crushing defeat in the fight against Google for Internet advertising market and search.Microsoft was unable to increase revenues from online advertising and compete in this respect with Google, which acquired similar companies aQuantive - DoubleClick.

Despite this, things Microsoft is doing well overall, if you do not take into account losses from failed purchase.Corporation Revenues for the second quarter of 2012 increased by 4% to $ 18.06 billion against last year's 17.36 billion dollars.But operating income fell from 6.2 billion to 192 million.