key feature of the missile and space programs of the region, which is located in Indonesia, is the significant dependence on international scientific and technological cooperation and a great vulnerability to external factors determined by politics and economics in the region.In the analysis of space programs and the prospects for their own flight into orbit should be borne in mind that the initially peaceful nature of development inadvertently touches to plans to establish military missile systems.In this regard, the leadership of Indonesia must take into account the potential opposition from neighbors anxiously watching the progress of the Indonesian development of spa
ce technology.

advantage of Indonesia, is actively seeking to enter the club "trigger" space powers, it is in a favorable geographical position.The geophysical characteristics of this state are very attractive in terms of cost-O spacecraft into orbit.

In the case of the development of Indonesia's space already has substantial progress.According to Agency France-Presse, in 2009, Indonesia successfully launched its own launch vehicle RX-420.Start performed from Baikonur, located in the western part of the island of Java.The Indonesian Agency for Aeronautics and Space to continue its missile tests, intended for placing into Earth orbit satellites of its own production.Estimated timing of these plans is scheduled for 2014.

meantime, in close cooperation with Russia is almost completed work on the creation of ground-hardware complex for satellite control Telcom-3, ordered one of the telecom operators in Indonesia.The project is carried out by specialists of "Information Satellite Systems" (Zheleznogorsk), as reported by the press service of the company.ISS contract with the Indonesian party provides further construction of several systems of satellite control in Indonesia.