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Evgeni Plushenko was born in the village of Sunny in the Khabarovsk Territory November 3, 1982.When he was 4 years old, his parents moved to Volgograd. In childhood Eugene was often sick, so doctors advised him more exercise, to strengthen the immune system.

In February 1987, my parents gave Eugene section of figure skating.First, he trained under the guidance of coach Tatiana Rocks.And at the age of 7 years he has awarded its first prize - "Crystal Skate".Surely the boy, and then he could not imagine how many more victories lie ahead.

Among other young skaters Plushenko allocated iron will and incredible faith in their abilities.Already in the 11 years he effortlessly executed five triple jumps, that is not always possible even for experienced athletes.

With 12 years Evgeny began training in St. Petersburg.The first years he lived there all alone - huddled in a small room in a communal apartment.He had to be torn between the endless training and learning in the school.Then, in the northern capital still managed to get to his mother.

The first results of the new coach does not have to wait long - 14 years old Zhenya Plushenko became the youngest champion in figure skating among juniors and came into the adult category.

Victory and defeat

Later in his career Eugene had a lot of competitions: Championship of Europe and Russia, the Grand Prix, the World Cup and so on.On many of them he won prizes. One of the main competitors in 2002. Plushenko was a Russian figure skater Alexei Yagudin.

In 2006, during the Winter Olympics in Turin, Eugene finally able to realize his dream and win the gold medal.

After the Olympics, the athlete decided to take a break to recover from numerous injuries.At that time, he toured with the ice show around the world, led some projects on TV, participated in the political life of the northern capital, he took to the stage during the Eurovision 2008 with Dima Bilan and Edwin Marton.

In 2009, Plushenko decided to return to the sport.In 2010, at the Vancouver Olympics, he won a silver medal.In 2014, he won gold at the Olympics in Sochi in the team competition, but because of health problems refused performances in a single program, and announced the end to his sports career.

whether he will return back to the sport, and how much more of his victories and performances will enjoy the spectators, remains anyone's guess.