Limbo HPP

the autumn of 1954 it was decided to build a hydroelectric power plant in Siberia, in the city of Bratsk.Rather, in the 50-ies.this settlement was not wearing status of the city, it was the village.Soon, under the new 1955, there had already begun work on the construction of a giant high-power plants, which was to generate energy by the force of water.Construction

important object was given to the beginning Nizhneangargesstroya, renamed Bratskgesstroy.It is said that with the construction of hydroelectric power station at the same time begins the construction of a large plant.This allowed the village Bratsk acquire the status of the city of regional subordination.

Naturally, the construction of such an important public facil
ity could not buy a wide resonance.Soviet youth with pleasure and enthusiasm is sent to the main construction of the country, the construction of the Bratsk HPP received definition of "Komsomol construction."Many stayed to live there after the launch of GES in 1967.Some received a special award for military work.

Interestingly, for the first time in 1957, managed to block the right bank of the Angara.It took 8 hours worked more than 200 excavators.The event turned out to be the first of this scale in the global energy sector.

most difficult and dirty work was completed by the beginning of the 60s.The aim of the engineers was to create an artificial reservoir.They brilliantly coped with it.In the summer of 1961 began filling the reservoir, the dam will soon have the water level rose to 100 meters. It was a success.There is a tradition - fraternal newlyweds come to your wedding day to the dam.

From the first hydroelectric generator to run

first hydro gave industrial electricity November 28, 1961 at 10.15, five days failed to receive current from the second generator.In total, we put into operation 18 generators that depend on the force of the water.

After starting the last generator in 1966, the main work on the construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station completed.It is said that since the official launch of the power plant in 1966 and until 1971 remained Bratsk hydroelectric power plant in the world's largest of its kind.

Today the director of this powerful company is Andrei Vauxtin.Since 2006, it entered into force on a program of modernization and replacement of a hydropower plant equipment wear.