explosion took place May 25, 2012 in Astrakhan, on the territory of the thirty-second aviation ground "Ashuluksky", belonging to the Ministry of the Russian Defense Ministry.The incident happened when unloading ammunition from a car KAMAZ, from resulting fires occurred undermining the hundred and forty-five boxes containing eight hundred forty rounds for grenade launchers, were intended for disposal.Injured one soldier, he received medical treatment.The dead do not.

After the blast at the site started checking, military investigators are looking into the circumstances of the incident.According to preliminary data, the cause of the explosion was ignited paper container, located near the ammunition.Seeing the flames, conducted unloading machine soldiers had to take refuge.The machine, which
brought boxes of ammunition, can not be restored.

Unfortunately, this is not the first explosion at this site.The twenty-third day of August, 2011 during the work on unloading systems for rockets "Grad" spontaneously triggered the engine of one of the ammunition.As a result, a fire broke out, followed by the detonation of the shells.As a result of the incident, eight servicemen Defense Ministry were killed and ten were injured varying degrees of severity.

work is needed to explain the military ammunition disposal expiration of their validity and the danger of further storage.Ammunition to be destroyed and disposed of in landfill undermined.This method of disposal is the cheapest, so it is widely used.However, old shells, mines, grenades and charges for systems of salvo fire, stored for decades, is very unreliable and at times may detonate even from accidental impact.That is why incidents during their destruction occur with alarming regularity, sometimes resulting in numerous casualties.