Health Lenin

Health leader of the world proletariat has worsened after receiving in 1918 injured.During the attempt, Lenin was wounded by shots from a pistol, with one of the bullets hit him in the neck, and the second - hand.Some time after the assassination attempt, even Lenin was unconscious.

At that time leader of the revolution resulting injury could have been fatal, medical diagnoses were disappointing.But Lenin recovered fairly quickly and very soon resumed his active work for the government.But the researchers believe that the injury is extremely negative impact on the health of Lenin and made itse
lf felt even years later.

Another reason to undermine the health of Lenin, was his extreme nervous congestion.For years Ilyich worked hard every day.He carefully and thoroughly studied the literary sources, he wrote many articles and larger works on the theory and practice of the revolutionary movement.The conditions of life and the power of Lenin almost always been more than modest. long time leader of the proletariat spent in exile and in exile.All this left its mark on his health.

After the victory of the socialist revolution Lenin daily life has become even more tense.He had an hourly basis to provide leadership of the new cases of workers and peasants government, sacrificing rest and sleep.This was another reason for nervous exhaustion and health problems.

cause of death of the leader of the proletariat

nerve overload and impact of a bullet wound caused severe illness Lenin.By the treatment of the head of state were involved in the major experts in the field of medicine, in particular, neurologists.At the end of 1922, the state has deteriorated sharply Lenin, after which he moved at the insistence of doctors in Gorki near Moscow.After that Lenin did not appear in Moscow, but continued to write, and does not neglect other important things.

A year before Lenin's death, doctors were rather optimistic predictions about the state of his health, but the miracle did not happen.January 1924 began to close Lenin's time the most severe tests.The leader felt a sharp deterioration in his condition. January 21, 1924, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin heart stopped beating.

The official report on the causes of the death of Vladimir Lenin said that the death was due to atherosclerosis after their premature wear.This diagnosis is confirmed and modern serious researchers.In particular, Academician YuLopuhin in 1997 in his research on the disease, death and embalming of Vladimir Lenin, clearly confirms the diagnosis of doctors.Confidence is based on the investigator that he had studied the brain preparations leader of the revolution.