A few months before the ceremony announced the selection of works for the competition.Plots, movies, programs, and designed in accordance with the requirements of the application of the competition for the selection are sent to the Foundation "Russian Television Academy".Works must be in Russian or transferred to it - it is a prerequisite.

evaluate the work of the Foundation 9 professional guilds.For example, operators look how well done the camera work.Sound Engineers estimate the sound.Manufacturers programs for children pose scores of children's programs.

the years, Taffy was given at different number of nominations - from 40 to 50.They include categories suc
h as "For personal contribution to the development of Russian television," "The interviewer," "Best Sports Commentator", "Journalistic Investigation", "Talk Show" and others.Awarded as individuals or entire programs and films.

awards ceremony has no fixed venue.Over the years, it awarded in the Small Hall of the Kremlin Palace, and one of the grandiose hotels in the capital and in the central house of the businessman.Taffy-2011, which took place 25 and 29 May 2012, was held in the Moscow theater "Novaya Opera" and theater musicals.

ceremony is usually carried out several leading, every year is different.For example, Taffy - 2009 were presenters Svetlana Sorokina, Nabutov Cyril, Leonid Parfenov, actress Ksenia Rappoport, Anna Schatiloff.

On stage leading announce the best in each category.If several applicants for a victory gained equal number of votes, each is awarded.Once a winner is declared, he climbs on stage and receives a bronze Orpheus.
Usually the hall, where the award ceremony, conducted a live broadcast of the event.