trick in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior appeared far from the first record of the girl group.On account of their participation in the political and environmental actions, protection of other offenders, which in the opinion of Pussy Riot made good business in the fight against corruption, and a concert for the detainees to protest actions after the elections to the State Duma December 4, 2011.Its main difference was that the girls were singing right in front of the detention center.

None of their activities fo
r Pussy Riot did not end the punishment.And at that time they were on Volkhonka, too, we thought that all they get away with it.However, it was over for offenders very sad.First, in relation to them they are going to apply administrative punishment.However, given the widespread dissatisfaction among Orthodox Christians and their statements about the insult of all believers, it's reclassified under criminal charges.Now hooligan faces up to 7 years in prison.

matter punk group studied the long 5 months, and that July 4, 2012 the first hearing.Just after the first meeting of all those who expected the release of girls, taken aback news that they will remain in custody for at least until the middle of January 2013.And this despite the fact that a number of the participating team has young children.

As part of the trial philistines put forward their version of events.Some of them do not understand what the girls so long kept behind bars.After all, their actions are not subject to particularly grave and serious articles of the Criminal Code.Others believe that the way Pussy Riot decided to punish and during this, and for other offenses.But almost everyone is waiting for one thing - when the punk band forgive His Holiness Russian Patriarch Kirill.

In addition, the process is marked by a number of scandals.Defenders groups gather in front of the Tagansky court and during the preliminary hearing, and on July 4, and arranges demonstrations and spontaneous rallies.After each meeting, the supporters of the women's team is transported by various ATS City of Moscow for trial.However, the two actions in support of the team caused shock among others.They both took place in St. Petersburg.During one of them, in early July, before the Church of the Savior on Blood was symbolically crucified on the cross, 22-year-old girl on the head of which was wearing a knitted mask similar to those used Pussy Riot.Another was held July 23, 2012.He came to Kazan Cathedral taciturn young man with a placard in support of the group.Approach closer to him people could see that he had sewn his mouth coarse thread.So the protest expressed by one of St. Petersburg artists Peter Pavlensky.