Pharisee and the Publican is described in the Gospel of Luke.So, Scripture tells the story of two people who went to the temple to pray.One was a Pharisee, and the other - a publican.Pharisees in the Jewish people called the people who had the status of experts in the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament.The Pharisees were respected by the people, they could be the teachers of the law by religious Jews.Publican called tax collectors.These people treated people with disdain.

Christ tells us that the Pharisees went into the temple, stood in the middle and proudly began to pray.Jewish scribe gave thanks to God for the fact that it is not such a sinner like everyone else.The Pharisee mentioned the obligatory fasting, prayer, which he made to the glory of the Lord.At the sa

me time, it was said with a sense of vanity.In contrast to the Pharisee, the publican stood modestly at the end of the temple and beat his chest with the humble words that the Lord was merciful to him a sinner.

Christ, having finished his story, the people announced that it is the publican left the temple justified by God.

This story indicates that the man should not have pride, vanity and self-righteousness.The publican was a madman in front of God as a glorified himself, forgetting that each person has a certain sins.Publican showed humility.He felt a deep sense of repentance before God for their lives.That is why the tax collector stood modestly aside and prayed for forgiveness.

Orthodox Church says that humility and understanding of their sins, together with the feeling of repentance, elevates man to God.That's an objective look at their sinfulness man opens the way to the Creator and the possibility of moral perfection.No knowledge of God can not be useful if a person proud of them and puts himself above others.