Although the Christmas post is rather long, it is not very difficult in terms of food choices.The fact that Philip post (otherwise referred to as the Christmas post) is not strict.Believers often allowed to eat fish, and eat food with vegetable oil.

most stringent in the days of Advent are Wednesdays and Fridays.At this time, according to the ordinance of the Church only allowed food without oil.However, in some parishes the priests give a blessing to the use of vegetable oil and in those days.Also, strict lean afternoon during Filippova post is Christmas Eve (January 6).In traditional practice, it is customary not to eat food before the first stars.However, this is only a pious tradition unconfirmed by the charter of the Advent.On Christmas Eve eat the food without oil.Especially zealous Christians in this day of fa

sting and did xerophagy, ie do not use boiled foods.

Saturday and Sunday of Advent permitted the eating of fish.Also, this kind of products allowed on the great feast of the Virgin into the Temple (4th December), and the memory of St. Nicholas (19th of December).Also, the fish can be resolved and the memory of other revered saints such as John of Kronstadt (2nd of January).

addition, fish is allowed on New Year's table.Such relief is caused by the post-Russian civic holiday.In the remaining days of Advent (except Wednesdays and Fridays) allowed the eating of food with vegetable oil.Please note that with the blessing of the priest, and the fish can be used in other fast days except Wednesdays and Fridays.

It turns out that the list of products that can be used in the Christmas post, is very diverse.So, you can use the fish and other seafood (shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels - is allowed during the whole post), fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

must know that many grocery stores are sold lean mayonnaise, that can be used to cook a variety of meatless salads.Particularly in demand in a variety of positions are nuts and figs.These products are among the most useful for use in the post.

must be remembered that in any position allowed any food of plant origin and some seafood.In line with this, is to choose a diet at the time of the pious abstinence.