to the whole family spent time at a restaurant having fun and mentally, it is necessary for everyone to eat well, because it is for this and go to these places.Therefore, be sure to find out whether there is a children's menu at the cafe to frantically seek out not in the list between acute and shrimp carpaccio with something more suitable for a child's diet.

The presence of this special offer can be found on the website of the restaurant.Well, if there are photographs, because children are very sensitive to the form of food and can easily giv
e up if it does not look too good in their eyes. In some restaurants, the children are fed for free, while the baby may choose one complete meal and one drink.

If a child is not adapted to the usual food and feed exclusively or a mixture of mashed pots, no one in the restaurant did not condemn young parents, if they feed the baby born with a dinner.Also, you should be warned beforehand whether there is a special institution in a child seat - family restaurants and cafes, as a rule, have a couple of tools for young visitors. Young parents should plan to see the restaurant to find out how far from the main hall, a smoking area.

As for breastfeeding in public, of course, no one will make remarks mom.It may be advisable to take a diaper, so as not to embarrass other visitors.It is convenient to cover the baby's head and shoulders.


Most children in an unfamiliar place can refuse to eat, while others will likely not stay at the table longer than 20 minutes.Before the order will be born, and after the meal the children must be something to do.Therefore, even minimal play area would be of invaluable help to parents.

In some restaurants it is represented by the children's table, a pair of colorings and a set of markers, in others it may be a separate room with toys, wall bars, and even a professional animator.However, even the most simple entertainment pastime prolong parents for 10-20 minutes, so when choosing a restaurant for a hike with the whole family should take into account this fact. Many restaurants set a beautiful aquarium, live fish and might be interested in the baby, and school-age child.


Do not forget about the modern way to take a child - my mother's father's phone or tablet will carry away the baby for a long time.Therefore, restaurants and cafes with free Wi-Fi are suitable not only for young people but also couples with children.While parents are enjoying dinner or talking with friends, a child may see a favorite cartoon, work or play, the more so that in many families, the child has to acquaint with special applications.