Zimbabwe is one of the poorest African countries.Mass unemployment and the impoverishment of the people directly related to the rule of President Robert Mugabe, to which the world community are very negative, considering racist dictator.Even in 1980, Zimbabwe was one of the richest countries in Africa: having abundant natural resources, including diamonds, it is actively developing, forge mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries.

Everything changed after the arrival in 1987 to the government of Robert Mugabe.After disastrous for the country's land reform, during which they confiscated the land of white farmers, he not only did not improve the situation of indigenous peoples, but brought him to the brink of poverty.Unemployment in the country reached 90%, wh
ich inadvertently leads people to poaching.

Officially hunting of elephants in Zimbabwe banned for many years.Until the seventies of the last century, the country was one of the world's largest suppliers of ivory, but the mass destruction of the elephants led to the fact that the international community had to step in and set strict limits on the ivory trade.Since 1975, trade in species of wild fauna Endangered limited specifically adopted an international convention, which recorded more than 33 thousand species of animals and plants.It came under the protection of the convention, and the elephants, since its adoption have been set quotas for ivory trade, and since 1990 it banned the sale altogether.

Because of the ban established in Zimbabwe is gradually began to accumulate significant reserves of ivory, at the moment it is more than 50 tons.Some of the tusks of elephants got in storage as a result of the natural death of the animals, some of the ivory came through sanctioned shooting game.But the bulk of the tusks were confiscated from poachers.Experiencing serious financial difficulties, the government has asked the international community has authorized the sale of part of the accumulated tusks.Part of the proceeds should go to maintain the elephant population.

This is not the first such request, in 2008 the country was allowed to implement the 3.9 tons of ivory.Scruples of the situation is not even the fact that in European countries and the US do not trust President Mugabe, and in the fact of a possible appearance on the market of a large consignment of ivory.There is no doubt that, together with legal ivory on the market immediately appear poaching and items as check the origin of elephant tusks is very difficult.At the moment, everything is simple - ivory trade banned any offered for sale poached tusks, as there is simply no other source.With the advent of the market ivory from Zimbabwe immediately activated and poaching activities.Therefore, it can be argued that if the world community and will allow the Government of Zimbabwe to sell part of the stock of ivory, the weight of the party does not exceed a few tonnes.