23 July 2012 "IT Progress Fund" announced a competition for the concept of erecting a monument to Stephen Jobs in St. Petersburg.For participation in it it was filed nearly 200 applications, and their authors were not only from Russia but also in Europe, USA, Canada, Indonesia.The jury consisted of IT experts and top managers of the holding "ZEFS" a foundation.Also took part in the vote of Internet users.

got to the final 25 projects, of which were highlighted 3 applications.Jobs "He presented progress", which received the third place is a cube in a large transparent apple.Each side of the cube contains a QR-code, which can be decrypted using a smartphone.

Under the concept of "Stella infinity", the memorial should be inverted pyramid, the surface of which is made of L
ED screens.They should be demonstrated biography and images of Steve Jobs.

winning project was "Sunny QR».Monument is configured as a vertical white plate, on which surface mounted pins.Every day at noon, after the shot gun from the bastion of the fortress, the height of the pins will vary with the program.Because of this, the shadow of the pin will form a QR-code.Considers him with a mobile device, you can find information about events in the sphere of high technologies.The monument will be installed in late 2012, in one of the squares of the Frunze district of St. Petersburg.

soon sculptural composition in honor of the founder of Apple, and also set in Odessa.It is made as a hole with his palm in the form of firm "apple" in the middle of a logo.There are plans for the construction of a memorial to Jobs in Novosibirsk.The project is carried out by conventional students who now collect money for its implementation.