Remove the covers purchased from the package and deal with all the constituent elements.Lay out all parts of the product inside the machine about the way they should be installed in the cars.Cases designed for the front seats, put on the front seat.Some models covers on the left and right seats are very different.You can also navigate by the presence of a mechanical adjustment backups pockets, armrests and backrest.Under the same scheme, and all actions are done with the rear seats.
very carefully to loop through all the car covers, be sure to focus on the head.Some cars are rear head restraints, which are smaller than the front, although at first glance it may seem that they are the same.You can check this by attaching
the side members to each other.Also consider the side of the armrest.Front - one in which there is the highest bend.
until it stops, slide the seat forward.Put the product using special rubber bands with locks, start from the back of the compound itself.After that wear on the front portion of the product.Get your hands under the seat and secure the locks.Pull the end of gum that will help tighten fixing.Hide the side member.
Stretch covers gently.Headrest pushed his fingers into the product, and do not pull from the top, then it is fixed by means of Velcro.Installing covers on the side, do not confuse left and right sides.Using small scissors, you can cut the necessary holes for the hooks and buttons, which are available on the seat of your car.Before you cut a hole, make sure that the goods are dressed without distortions and sits perfectly symmetrical with respect to the chair.