fuel pump

high pressure fuel pump is mounted on the injection and diesel engines, where they provide work with solenoid valves distributor (nozzles), which inject fuel into the combustion chamber when applying high pressure.Most of these devices installed on the gas tank injection vehicles, removing them from the fuel line to the injectors (through filters).High pressure fuel pump are divided by type of work on the electrical and mechanical models.

Starting the fuel pump takes place simultaneously with the engine, after which it runs continuously while maintaining the desired fuel pressure in the fuel system.Indicators pressure dependent valve regulating the pressure - it is stiffer than, the higher it is, however, the major role played by the charac
teristics of the pump.

During engine operation, after the approach of the piston to top dead center, the electronic system sends a current to the injectors, which then opens and releases fuel under high pressure.Amount of discharged fuel is adjusted depending on the pulse duration, which is set by the electronics of the outgoing data from its sensors.

faults with fuel pump

If the car begins to wind up badly, sharply stall and to "fall" at high speeds, it is necessary to diagnose the pressure in the fuel system.To do this, use the special gauge, measuring performance on the ramp.If the figures are lower than specified in the instructions to the car in the first place to check all fuel filters - if they are clogged, the fuel will not pass through them, and the pump will be given a tremendous burden.When workers filters cause of the problem may be worn fuel pump to be replaced.

To check the high pressure fuel pump without a gauge, you need to start the engine, untwisted it to 2000-3000 RPM.Falling at the same pace or irregular engine running indicates a fault in the fuel pump.In addition, well-functioning, the pump must be completely silent.

Also, the problem may be in the valve RTD, due to which the system has no high pressure fuel.Skilled motorists often tuning their pumps, successfully achieving a higher pressure, but it creates an increased load on the machine, causing its life dramatically reduced.