Before starting the engine, shift the box set reverse to neutral.Priming the pump fill the fuel system.
lever carburetor fuel corrector, turn all the way to enrich the fuel mixture.However, if the engine is warm, do not use when starting a fuel corrector.
Fit the nut switch to the dashboard emphasize safety switch.Ignition Key to set the first fixed position by turning the key to the right.Turn the ignition switch by pressing the button on the instrument panel.At the same time it must act above the plane of the circuit breaker 12 mm.
If the engine is equipped with an electric starting, for its start-up electric starter switch by moving the ignition switch to the far right.After starting the lower right key, which will automatically r
eturn to its original position.Otherwise, it may damage the electric starter parts.
Do not operate the starter for more than 5 - 10 seconds.Between retry starting the engine pauses sufficient for cooling the starter.
If the snowmobile is not equipped with electric starting system or the engine is extremely low due to insufficient battery charge, initial start-up recoil starter.Pull it slowly at first, but when the tabs of the fan drive pulley engage the cam starter, pull the starter rope handle with a jerk themselves.
not to throw the handle, return it to its original position.If the first attempt the engine does not start, repeat the start-up.To facilitate it, the diffuser carburetor inject pure gasoline (about 60 grams) plus temperature.
Immediately before performing start-up for its ease of set warm candles or close the inlet of the carburettor.Do not pull the whole length of the cable of a manual starter.
to start the motor from the alarm system, remove the starter from the engine previously unscrewing bolts.The groove of the driving pulley fan wrap clockwise starting from cord of spare tools and accessories.Start the engine abruptly pulling the handle of the cord.