tire Feel, feel the touch surface of the tire.As a part of winter tires contain more natural rubber, it is softer.Just so it remains flexible even in extreme cold.At high temperatures the contrary, it may begin to melt.So in the summer heat on the car winter tires in danger of losing stability.Summer tires designed to work on hard and dry surfaces.Durability at it very much.But the trouble is that in cold seasons it hardens.If you use it in the winter, the problems begin in the management of the machine.It increases the likelihood of a puncture, skidding on the road.Until the accident.
Identify seasonal accessory can and tread.A tread outer layer is called the tire grooves and protrusions.The fact t
hat it is cut by the summer tire is not so wide and deep.Thus they provide more contact with the car to the road, rolling resistance, quiet.In the winter tread much deeper.Grooving and shashechek very much.With their help from the wheels will be squeezed snow.
Even with snow tires, you will see cuts in many series.It slats.In snowy and icy areas they improve grip.Also on winter tires, you can see the spikes in the summer they do not happen.On slippery surfaces, they add stability and braking properties of the dynamics of your car, although in recent years a growing number of drivers prefer non-studded winter tire options.
also want to pay attention to the side labeled.Those who understand English, it will be easy to notice the inscription «Winter», «Mud + Snow», "M & amp; S".For those who do not understand, on winter tires drawn by snowflakes of the summer - the sun.But very often labeled «Mud + Snow», "M & amp; S" marked season tires manufacturers.This must be taken into account.