Replacement anther complicated by the fact that its replacement is necessary to completely disassemble the entire unit.Bellow himself is cheap, but work on its replacement can cost a significant amount.Timely detection of torn anther is also difficult because of their location beneath the car.

particularly dangerous gap anther on SHRUS, t. To. The falling sand from the road very quickly destroys the CV joints and the car can stay at the most inopportune moment.If duster appeared traces of grease, then it is torn and must be replaced.


To replace the cover on Dirt SHRUS have to completely remove the actuator from the vehicle.To work need a wrench 17, the end cap 30 for loosening the nut the hub, blade assembly capac
ity to drain the oil from the gearbox.

Before working VAZ - 2109, set on level ground, place an emphasis under back wheels and drain the oil from the gearbox.Then, standing on the earth car raskontrite and loosen nuts and bolts of the wheel hub on the drive that will change the boot.You can then pick up the car jack, put under a fence and remove the wheel.

Replacement anther

Remove the hub nut completely and remove the washer.Then, remove the two bolts securing the steering knuckle to the ball joint.Remove the drive hub with the slots and take aside with the rack.

Next, using the mounting blades squeeze the internal hinge of a drive transmission.If you need to remove both the drive, then insert a second before removing the gearbox old internal hinge, the removed drive.

Clamp drive shaft in a vise.Remove the clips with a torn duster and cut boot knife.Then, resting his shoulder blade in the holder of the hinge, gently bring down the hinge shaft with a hammer.

Check the condition of the joint.If it had hit the sand, wash the hinge gasoline.After washing, fill the hinge graphite lubricant SHRUS - 4. Keep dirt again fell into the hinge.

Attach new boot on the drive shaft yoke and turn it inside out.Install the hinge in place not strong hammer blows through the wooden prorate on the shank of the hinge.

Slide the boot on the hinge.Press the edge of the boot with a screwdriver so that the air bag lined boot and fix collars.After this drive with a new set anther on the car.Then reinstall the remaining parts in reverse order.