you need
  • - cleanser;
  • - capacity commensurate with the filter;
  • - oil impregnation;
Pull filter zero resistance from the housing and disconnect the inlet.Using a brush of medium hardness, clean the filter well.Be careful not to damage the rubber parts details.
For some filter s use spray cleaner.It must be sprayed on the entire surface of the part and leave for 10 minutes to dry completely.
To clean the filter s large size recommended for wet cleaning.Take a suitable size container and fill it with a special cleaning solution.To clean all the filter sections and, it must be rotated in the liquid for 3-5 minutes.After washing the filter put on a solid surface for 10 minutes.This time is necessary for a full soaking filter and detergent.
To clean flat filter well, simply immerse it for 5 minutes in the cleaning composition.It is necessary to ensure that the solution completely covered the surface of the filter well.
After completely impregnated filter cleaning solution, it needs to be rinsed under running water.But note that the pressure of the water pressure should be minimal.
After washing the filter and it must be thoroughly dried.However, drying should take place under natural conditions.Do not use artificial methods of drying, such as a hair dryer or compressor.Exposure to high pressure can damage the filter uyuschie elements. to dry filter must strictly horizontal position on a firm surface.
After drying, apply a filter to the surface a special oil for impregnation.This structure helps to filter have to hold the dust and dirt.Do not use for that purpose or any other motor oil.Such exploitation filter and clean the system violates the right engine.
Set filter in place.Carefully secure it.If you use the vehicle on roads with heavy dust, must be applied on the body filter and a special hermetic structure.