have a specific sweet taste of antifreeze, which can not be confused with anything.Even the smell of his inhalation leaves a bad feeling in the respiratory tract.The appearance of a leak in the radiator heater, pipes, taps stove - these are the main causes of odor antifreeze in the car.Most often appear leak in the radiator.It is not recommended to fill the cooling system sealants powder, baking soda, mustard.Yes, the gap clogged and will not leak.But these powders are deposited on the surface of the nozzle, in an incubator, the channels of the engine.And it will lead to frequent repairs of the cooling system.
If there was a smell of antifreeze, it is necessary to find the cause of its occurrence.Start at the stove.If there is damage to the radiator, it must be replaced.With minor cracks can radiator s
older process or sealant.Just prior to the treatment is essential to degrease the surface of the sealant.Then only the quality of the repair will be at a high level.If the damage to the radiator is very large, it would be wiser to replace him.New can last you for at least five years.Therefore, setting a new radiator, you forget about the smell of antifreeze in the cabin for a long time.
As for the faucet stove and rubber tubes, their repair is not possible.In the event of a leak will have to turn off the heating system and continue to the point of repair.But you can continue driving without turning off the heating if a minor leak.Lay a cloth under the place you need to flow to the carpet is not damaged.Typically, the crane is installed in the vehicle, connected to it four hose.Two are for heater, and two to the cooling system (to the engine block and thermostat).Even in the flow tubes, under the hood, it can also cause odor of antifreeze in the car.
But not only damage to the heating system may be the cause of odor antifreeze.Often, because of the boiling coolant it is released through the outlet valve on the lid of the expansion tank.This is due to a prolonged movement in low gears (in traffic) from the inoperative cooling fan.A faulty thermostat may also cause the boiling coolant.If the temperature gauge has reached the red mark, and the fan did not work, try as soon as possible to stop.Allow the engine to cool, then connect the fan to the battery.But at the idle thermostat that does not help, it is necessary to make a replacement.