you need
  • - new cases
  • - wire 6m
  • - nylon cord 5 m
primary objective to achieve the intended goal is the acquisition of high-quality covers forrest.Problems with the acquisition of covers at the present stage of development of the market of such a service can not be.Retailers, along with a variety of company, making these accessories offer a very wide range of wishing covers for car seats, ranging from simple capes and ending with a leather case with heating.If you wish to purchase is limited only by the capacity of the planned budget motorist on tuning.
After the acquisition covers before you put them on, need is likely there are several upgrade to suit your needs.It is advisable to
cover edges, intended for tightening of the seat, tighten the braid in place, inserted by the manufacturer, an ordinary piece of automotive wire in vinyl chloride insulation.The wire will protect more reliably covers the gap from the time of their processing by a the seat, as well as the further operation of the vehicle.
ribbons, which the manufacturer offers to produce stretch slipcovers and sew them on the edges, but it also happens that in these locations are sewn gum should be replaced with a silk or nylon cord with a diameter of 3 mm.Buy it better in a specialty store for fishing.
followed the above recommendation covers, advance to removing the seat, very tightly upholstered using cords that are tied at the bottom of the seat.After that, with the new seat covers on them are mounted on the regular places in the car.
From now on you'll be rightfully proud of their car, and travel on it will be much more comfortable.